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Nexium Prescriptions?

Everyone has heartburn from time to time. Whether it's too much turkey at Thanksgiving or overindulging at a birthday party, everyone has suffered from heartburn at some point. However, for those with persistent heartburn--two or more days a week, no matter what was eaten--it can be a sign of a more serious condition known as acid reflux disease (GERD).

Does this sound familiar?

  • Heartburn - an uncomfortable, rising, burning sensation behind the breastbone
  • Regurgitation - backing up of gastric acid or sour contents into the mouth
  • Difficult and/or painful swallowing
  • Chest pain

Many people believe that these symptoms will either pass or that they are merely the price of overindulgence. But why suffer needlessly when you could be enjoying all the spicy, rich, wonderful food available?

As many as 7 million people in the United States have GERD. It is especially common in people older than age 40. Many people just put up with the discomfort of GERD, but that is not a good idea. Over time, untreated GERD can cause other health problems, such as irritation of the throat and mouth, weight loss and even cancer.

For those who want an effective treatment for GERD, there is Nexium. If looking for round-the-clock heartburn relief, Nexium is the answer. Learn where to find the cheapest Nexium prescriptions and how Nexium can help control heartburn.

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Nexium Online's goal is to help you determine if Nexium is right for you, and if so where to find it affordably. If you want to jump straight to the online price comparisons, click here. Otherwise, read through the other tabs to learn about Nexium's pro's and con's. If you wish to consider similar medications, click the "Related Medications" button.

And remember: All the online pharmacies that we list have their own physicians on staff that can evaluate your needs and give you a prescription if appropriate.


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